The Mystics Behind The Moon

We’re Thea and Erin. We met in character at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and have been making our fantasies come true ever since. We started this shop because we finally got tired of waiting for someday.  The internet at last has created the tools that allow us to get our art out there where it can be seen for more than a weekend and have a way to get it to you, the people who appreciate it, our tribe.

We’re a strange and wonderful bunch. We gather in person rarely, but when we do, it’s always a good time. We are creating the images that allow us to recognize each other.

We want something that expresses our connection to spirit, but floats over the heads of most people. We want talismans, not billboards. We want to be complimented for all the wrong reasons by the uninitiated, and recognized for who we are by the wise. We are the wyrd.

This is going to be an exciting journey as we learn how to do this. Every sale we make will let us spend more time perfecting our craft, finding ways to marry fantasy with reality, and make a little magic for you to carry with you on your own journey.

Spread the word! The Mystic Moon rises tonight!

Dead Pixies, Minus Skull Masks
Dead Pixies in the Process of Transformation
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