Awen of Earth
A green Awen floating above the continent of North America

Awen is the flow of inspiration, that current that runs through all beings, the energy of life itself. 

This Awen began as a meditation on peace and a talisman of place for me, as a Druid in North America. Druid ceremonies often begin with the call for peace, for without peace no work can be done. So I begin my morning by giving thanks for my blessings and the peace that pervades my life. When I can feel that peace singing within me, I spread it over the whole world, thick and green. Because since I feel that peace, it’s my duty to share it. Because peace begins with me. The quality of energy that we put out into the world is the world. Peace begins with all of us. I see the circle of green and the Awen of green within it, spreading over the whole world. This pin is a remembrance of that morning meditation, and an invitation for you, too, to catch that magical infection of peace and joy, and spread it throughout your day. 

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